VIDEO: Frustration over ‘roller coaster’ road in Horsham

A councillor has apologised over comments made over a pot-holed Horsham road made last week.

County and district councillor Jim Rae had threatened to burn three cabinet members at the stake if they did not repair Lambs Farm Road by 2014/15 at a North Horsham Parish Council meeting.

One of the patches in Lambs Farm Road.

One of the patches in Lambs Farm Road.

But this week he said he had apologised to Pieter Montyn, West Sussex County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, for the wording of his comments.

He said: “I have apologised to the WSCC cabinet member for highways for the wording I used in a recent NHPC meeting, but with that apology I did say I was not sorry for the sentiment that I expressed and I stand by that and this apology.

“In future I will be as committed in my approach; I will continue to seek for the residents of Roffey and North Horsham the resources that I believe our area requires; I will just have to try and reign back on the passion bit.

“I still believe that there are a number of roads in Roffey in particular that have not had the appropriate level of investment awarded to them for a good number of years, and considering that they are arterial routes/bus routes are in a shocking state of repair.”

Speaking to the County Times earlier this week Lambs Farm Road residents said they were ‘fed up’, with the situation that seemed ‘never ending’.

One said: “I’m fed up because it has not just been going on for six months, it’s been gone on for years.”

Another added: “I think it’s an absolute disgrace.”

“I do not understand why they will not repair our road properly. It’s like Lambs Farm Road is not worth it, and we are a very busy road.”

Clive Thompson said he had sympathy with the council since there were other roads in a similar condition, but thought the section of road needed full repair rather than just patching.

During last week’s meeting parish councillor Mike Brakes said: “The thing is, it’s a waste of public money to keep botching it with temporary repairs.”

Ray Turner, chairman of the planning committee, added: “It’s like a roller coaster.”