VIDEO: Fright as drain lid forced open on busy Horsham road

Residents have described a drainage problem on a busy Horsham road as ‘scary’ and ‘frightening’ after a lid of drain was lifted above ground level by torrential rain this morning (Thursday 8).

The heavy rain lifted the lid of a drain cover on the Guildford Road, opposite the new Waitrose and John Lewis site, causing problems for road users and pedestrians as well as flooding the area.

Drain lid Guildford Road SUS-150801-112849001

Drain lid Guildford Road SUS-150801-112849001

One resident who lives opposite the drain said this was not the first time she had reported the issue and added she had become increasingly worried about the dangers the problem poses to road users.

She said: “I spotted it around 6.30 this morning and by 7.15am the drain lid had popped up.

“It has been going since October, all through November, all of December and now.

“I have rung Southern Water and the police in the past and they have had to come and put a bigger drain lid on it but that still doesn’t hold it down.

“Its never done it before though and I have lived here nine years.

“When that drain lid comes up it can stop a car dead and I have been worried it will either run into somebody else or could run into the houses.

“It has been frightening and people going by are getting soaked by it.”

Another neighbour added: “It is scary. There is going to be an accident one day, it is just an accident waiting to happen.”

A team from Southern Water came down to fix the problem and blocked off part of the road while they carried out their investigation.

A worker said: “It’s an ongoing problem with the surface water sewer which we are trying to resolve.

“This is the worse its has been due to the torrential downpours.

“By the looks of it it is starting to slow down and is no worse than what it is now this morning.”

The workers said it was unclear what had caused the problem.

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