Video: Dom’s walk to work in Horsham... all 120 miles of it

Designer Dom Dover-McCarthy is planning to walk to work in Horsham on Monday - but the walk is around 120 miles and it’s going to take him five days.

It’s all part of a personal challenge 45-year-old Dom has set himself to improve his fitness and raise cash for charity at the same time.

Dom Dover-McCarthy SUS-181005-171311001

Dom Dover-McCarthy SUS-181005-171311001

Dom, from Storrington, will start what he’s dubbed his ‘Big Fat Walk To Work’ in Cambridge before finishing at his workplace - Total Therapy Studios in Denne Parade, Horsham - on May 18.

“The whole thing started with an idea in October 2017 when I decided that I should get out and move more, something we all should do,” said Dom. “I’m hardly the most energetic of people, being tied to a desk a lot of the time. It was a real commitment to myself to get up, get outside and get moving, but I didn’t want to just join a gym.”

He picked Cambridge as his starting point because it was ‘suitably far enough to be impressive.’

He plans to walk from Cambridge to Bishops Stortford on day one, then Bishops Stortford to North London on day two. He will then walk all the way across London on day three, and then from Dorking to Horsham on day four. “It’s a long way, but if one is going to make the effort to walk to work then you may as well go big,” he says.

His wife Sarah added: “Dom has never been particularly active, and this is so very far away from his comfort zone, so I am incredibly proud and inspired by what he is doing.

“I hope that his journey and story will encourage others to believe that anything is possible, as he has certainly made me think about what can be done as opposed to what can’t.

“I can’t wait to welcome him home and hear about the physical and mental journey he has been on.”

Dom hopes his walk will help raise cash for three charities: The Mary How Trust, Samaritans and the Alzheimer’s Society.