VIDEO: Dog of the week – Rose

A QUIET home with a garden is what clever border collie Rose needs.

The four-year-old dog has a lot of energy, so the garden is a must for exercise.

Rose would love a quiet home with a garden

Rose would love a quiet home with a garden

Tracey Rae, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham, said: “Rose is quite a smart cookie, so her new owners will need to find ways to keep her mind busy and walks interesting.

“She has already learned how to put her tennis balls back in the box and search for them and retrieve on command.”

An agility run, along with scent and search games, would help to keep Rose entertained and provide a fun way to interact and bond with the new owners.

Tracey added: “She is nervous around other dogs and strangers, so an exercise run like this in the comfort of her own garden would be ideal for her.”

Rose prefers to walk in quiet areas, where she can relax away from lots of people and dogs.

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