VIDEO: Dog of the week – Brandy

LIKE an aged brandy, this spirited seven-year-old boxer has plenty of character.

Brandy loves people and is a big softy, so a top requirement would be to live with someone who loves cuddles.

Spirited boxer Brandy likes to take life easy

Spirited boxer Brandy likes to take life easy

A big comfortable bed and garden to potter around in would be ideal. Brandy loves to take life easy and snooze in front of the TV.

Dogs Trust said: “She would benefit from a multi-person household, or someone who is at home most of the time. She seems to enjoy the company of people rather than dogs and would be happier with older teenage children.”

Brandy has problems with her legs, so can go for only short walks and is currently on medication, so Dogs Trust can offer financial help with the vet bills.

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