Video: ‘Dead’ cat returns home after three years

OWNERS of a cat assumed dead for more than three years were shocked to discover the pet at their Warnham home this weekend.

Jacky Millar, of Marches Road, said Monty Cat - an American Ragdoll - vanished shortly after they bought him and his two siblings from Brighton.

“We searched the farm high and low, but after a while we thought he had been run over and was long dead,” said Jacky.

The years passed with no sign of Monty Cat, until Friday evening when friends were helping move items from a barn at their home.

Jacky said: “All of a sudden they asked if we had seen a cat they saw running around. We grabbed torches and went to the barn to discover Monty Cat behind some hay bales.

“I don’t know how long she had been there for but it definitely hadn’t been a long time.”