Video: Checking your dogs for problems

Watch our video for tips from TV vet Matt Brash who shows Autumnwatch presenter Chris Packham how to give his dogs Itchy and Scratchy the once over.

Dogs can pick up all sorts of bugs, ailments and even injuries and as pet owners it’s not always easy to tell what’s wrong with them – after all they can’t tell us what’s happening to their bodies.

Chris Packham

Chris Packham

And while responsible pet owners will make sure their prized pooches get a checkup at the vets every year, it’s important to regularly check your dog yourself to make sure he or she is in a good, healthy condition.

Autumnwatch’s Chris Packham recently met up with Matt Brash, star of the long-running ITV series ‘Zoo Vet At Large’ and MyPetonline vet, for some tips on how to perform a health check on his dogs Itchy and Scratchy. Even as an animal expert, Chris was surprised by what he learnt from Matt.

Watch our video to see what happened and for tips on how to give your own dog a health check.