VIDEO: Action called for to clear ‘disgusting’ flood in Horsham underpass

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Residents call for action after a ‘disgusting’ flood in a Horsham underpass has continued to worsen.

More heavy rain has left members of the public struggling to use the Medwin Walk subway, which is located underneath Albion Way.

Medwin Walk subway

Medwin Walk subway

Mrs Paula Lamplough, 80, who has lived in Horsham for 39 years said: “It’s been here a very long time, I’ve had wet feet on several ocassions because this is much the quickest way for me to get to my surgery and I think it was high time something was done about it.”

Mr Smallwood, aged 88, added: “It’s disgusting really for old people to get through it this time of the day. Someone should have cleared it away by now.”

A barrier is currently being used by people to walk across to try and avoid people getting their feet wet.

Wendy Venn, 55, from Horsham uses the subway to get to work. She said: “This morning a woman behind me said if someone falls or trips on that barrier, who’s liable which is a good point because I don’t know who’s put it there but it certainly wasn’t a good bridge to cross over.

“Also the other week a woman said she couldn’t go over the road because she’s virtually blind and couldn’t cross the road because she couldn’t see. I helped her cross and she was very slow and really needed to use the underpass.

“There are poor old people having to wade through the water just to get to the doctors it’s ridiculous. There is a drain there, it’s obviously blocked but no one is doing anything.

“There’s a sign at the other end of the tunnel which says work in progress but whether that is the council who put it there I don’t know,” continued Wendy.

West Sussex County Council have been approached for comment.

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