Victorian standards imposed at Southwick school

S38015H13 Victorian Day at ''Glebe Primary School with year four pupils dressed for the occasion
S38015H13 Victorian Day at ''Glebe Primary School with year four pupils dressed for the occasion

SOUTHWICK pupils faced strict discipline in school on Monday, as teachers imposed Victorian standards.

The experience gave year four children at Glebe Primary School, in Church Lane, an insight into exactly what it was like to be a school child in Victorian times.

The dressed up in Victorian-style clothes for the day, which began with them being made to line up in the hall in absolute silence.

They were marched back to their classrooms to follow a strict timetable of lessons, including scripture, mental arithmetic and handwriting.

Anyone who failed to make the grade was pulled out in front of the class and made to wear the dunce’s hat.

Teachers said any giggling, or any other kind of insubordinatio,n was swiftly dealt with by ‘five lashings of the cane’, done using role-play.

Mr Andy Baker, one of the year four teachers, said: “It has been a great day. The children have gained so much from first-hand experience of a typical Victorian school day and, perhaps rather surprisingly, have had fun at the same time.”

Later in the afternoon, the children were split into two groups, with the boys completing a demanding physical education drill lesson and the girls practising proper deportment by walking correctly around the corridors while balancing text books on their heads.

Mr Clem Lewis, another year four teacher, added: “We have all enjoyed the role-play, but I’m not sure the children, or even the teachers, would want to work like this every day.

“Hopefully, though, through the day’s learning, our pupils will appreciate just how harsh life could be for a school child in the Victorian era.”