Upper Beeding pupils travel back in time

Upper Beeding School pupils enjoying their Tudor Day. Picture submitted
Upper Beeding School pupils enjoying their Tudor Day. Picture submitted

Year three and four pupils at Upper Beeding Primary School travelled back in time on Tuesday, March 27 to when the Tudors were ruling England.

After studying the Tudors through the Spring Term, they wanted to finish the topic with a celebration.

All the children and staff came in for the day dressed in Tudor costume, spent the morning doing a variety of activities and held a Tudor banquet in the afternoon.

The four activities in the morning included making pomanders (oranges dressed with herbs and spices to be carried by Tudors to disguise the unpleasant smells in the streets), creating skits and sketches to entertain the King, Tudor dancing and designing and making jam tart shields.

Class teacher, Miss Whitman, said: “The morning sped past in a blur of fun and excitement from both children and adults.

“The children all got stuck in with each activity, although there was some giggling and awkwardness from some children as they were asked to partner up in boys and girls for the Tudor dancing!

“The banquet in the afternoon topped the whole day off.

“As part of their homework, the children all researched Tudor food and brought in both homemade and shop bought food that would be suitable for our banquet and fit for a king!

“It was amazing what the children (and parents) had come up with,” she continued. “We had homemade bread, cakes, pies and shortbread, ginger beer and jellies, and a variety of meats and fruits too.

“It all looked very impressive once it had been set out.

“Some of the children showed their Tudor dance they had learned as part of the entertainment, as well as some of the best sketches and skits from the morning.

“All in all, a wonderful day and a fantastic way to bring our topic to an end!”