UPDATE: Horsham Joggers among those in Boston Marathon blast

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Members of the Horsham Joggers were among those running the Boston Marathon when two bombs exploded near the finish line.

Dave Sandham and Tony Frankland are both safe and unharmed after the blasts which have reportedly killed three people - including an eight-year-old boy - and injured at least 140.

The pair had crossed the finish line and were making their way to the subway when they heard the explosions, said chairman of Horsham Joggers Tony Johnson.

“I’m immensely relieved that they were both well away from the explosions,” he told the County Times.

The first blast was reported to have taken place around four hours into the race. Mr Sandham finished 3.08 and Mr Frankland crossed the line at 3.20.

“It’s a tragedy but I hope that we can carry on with the London Marathon in our traditional English spirit,” added the chairman.

Other members of the Horsham Joggers have spoken of their relief.

Andy Spriggs said: “It’s fantastic that they’re safe, I’m very relieved.

“Mentally it’s a trauma to be involved with an event like that. When you’re so close to something happening you start thinking about the ‘what ifs’.”

He added that it ‘puts doubt in the back of your mind’ in the lead up to Sunday’s London Marathon.

The Metropolitan police are reviewing their security preparations for the event, which the sports minister Hugh Robertson insisted will go ahead on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

This morning (Tuesday April 16) national media are reporting that the FBI has launched an investigation into the Boston blast described as a ‘potential terrorist inquiry’.