Update: Heavy rain causes flood problems for drivers

JPCT 11-06-12 Image1273A Wood's Mill, near Henfield. Severe road flooding -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 11-06-12 Image1273A Wood's Mill, near Henfield. Severe road flooding -photo by Steve Cobb

DRIVERS faced a difficult journey this morning (Monday June 11) as overnight heavy rain caused flooding across the county.

The A2037 was blocked between the A281 Brighton Road junction in Henfield and the High Street junction in Upper Beeding, at Woods Mill because of the conditions.

The nature reserve at Woods Mill is closed for the day as there is at least one metre of water in places.

There has been flooding on the A29 at Bury at the West Burton Lane junction, with drivers advised to take care.

The Handcross area was badly affected earlier following an accident and flooding.

Firefighters have received more than 200 calls since midnight, with coastal areas of the county being particularly affected. There have been no reported injuries.

With more rain predicted during the day the Fire Service is urging members of the public to call 999 only if there is a risk to life or risk of serious property of environmental damage.

Flooding and adverse weather advice from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service:

Do not travel in heavy rainstorms unless absolutely necessary.

Do not attempt to drive through flooded roads. The water may be deeper than it looks and may be moving quite fast. Your vehile could become stranded or swept away.

Do not attempt to walk through flooded areas - even shallow water can be fast moving and sweep you off your feet. There may also be hidden dangers such as open drains, damaged road services, submerged debris or deep channels; these can cause serious injury.

Do keep an eye on weather reports on local television or radio news channels.

If your home is being affected by flood water we recommend the following:

If your home begins to flood, turn off your electricity supply.

If flood water threatens your home, move valuables and any furniture you can upstairs.

If you have an elderly or vulnerable family member or neighbour who is at risk of flooding, contact them to ensure they are prepared and know what to do should their home flood.

Try and keep warm and dry. A flood can last longer than you think and it can get cold. Take some warm clothes and blankets upstairs to a safe place.

Always call 999 if there is an imminent risk to a person’s life.