Unsightly litter

THE Haywards Heath park described on August 3 by a reader as under a tsunami of schoolchildren’s litter is only too typical of everywhere frequented by people nowadays.

There is a current view that if any cleaners are being paid to remove litter, visitors are absolved of all self-restraint and self-discipline.

My mother was a primary school teacher and she used to say to children: ‘The cleaners have enough work without you making their job harder’.

This sentiment should be echoed by all today’s teachers everywhere, but it isn’t, of course, and we are seeing the results.

Litter is not just unsightly and unpleasant; it can be very dangerous to wildlife.

Bottles trap small hedgehogs inside, yoghurt pots and plastic rings fit themselves round hedgehogs’ necks, broken glass and jagged metal causes cuts which fester, plastic bags and ploystyrene can be eaten with fatal results, string, wire and netting trap animals and birds.

All of it causes pain and terror.

Schoolchildren should have this pointed out until being thoughtful and in harmony with their surroundings becomes second nature to them.

Jacqeline Deeks,

Wendy Ridge, Rustington