Unique use for red phone box

The red BT telephone kiosk that will be an information centre
The red BT telephone kiosk that will be an information centre

WALKERS in the South Downs, who pass through North Stoke will be encountering a red telephone box with a big difference.

Instead of telephone equipment they will find plenty of information on places of local interest, history and of the surrounding area with its network of footpaths.

They will be directed to ‘the must see’ suspension bridge built by the local ghurkas a couple of years ago and they will also find out more about the nearby church of St Mary The Virgin.

Purchased from BT for a nominal £1, the kiosk is in the heart of the South Downs, not far from Houghton and Amberley, After careful restoration it will be fitted out as an information centre both for the benefit of walkers and also for visitors to the hamlet with its historic church.

Chairman of the Wiggonholt Association, Peter Flatter, said: “The kiosk belongs to the Wiggonholt Association and is its first acquisition as a charity. We were pleased to have the opportunity to purchase the kiosk with a view to turning it into an information centre. It will now be restored to BT specification, using toughened glass and the special red paint.

“The association is applying for funding from Horsham District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority. It will also be consulting with them and the Tourist Board as to the internal information display.”

He added: “Once the weather warms up we hope that a few DIY decorator members will come forward to help with the painting of this new acquisition and we are looking forward to a grand opening later in the year.”

The Wiggonholt Association is a registered charity, see www.wiggonholt.org