Two generations will trek three counties

Cheryl and her husband Chris
Cheryl and her husband Chris

A CHICHESTER family is set to walk 100 miles along the South Downs Way to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Cheryl Letts from Chichester and her son 
Adam and daughter Abi hope to raise thousands for the charity which has helped support Cheryl’s husband of 32 years, Chris, who was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 54.

Cheryl said: “On diagnosis, Chris could no longer drive as his ability to process information and make decisions was already significantly impaired – so 
we bought a new bike which he loved.

“However, in 2011 we were able to revisit Paris and the Rodin sculptures, and also Chris managed to gaze in awe and wonder at Michaelangelo’s David in Florence.

“As a family, we had our last special holiday together in 
our beloved Greek islands – and these are all very treasured memories.

“I am very fortunate to 
be linked into a number 
of great support groups including the Alzheimer’s Society, local church community, health and care agencies, and I have a very understanding workplace which enables me to continue in employment.

“I have learnt to try to make the most of every day as I have fantastic memories of so many good times over 32 years with Chris.

“My strength comes 
from having a strong 
faith and two amazing children who remain totally committed to 
their dad.”

The trio plan to trek across three counties over three weekends from August 8-23, from Winchester.

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and read more of her 
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