TV star heads to Horsham to collect wildlife award

Philip Mansbridge with Wendy Turner-Webster
Philip Mansbridge with Wendy Turner-Webster

TV star Wendy Turner-Webster, best known as presenter of Pet Rescue, headed to Horsham as she became a charity’s first Wildlife Hero.

Wendy is a long-term supporter of wildlife charity Care for the Wild, which next year celebrates its 30th anniversary of helping rescue, protect and defend animals around the globe.

As part of the celebrations, the charity aims to recognise ‘Wildlife Heroes’ – people who have either worked to help animals, or who have supported the charity through donations.

Care for the Wild CEO Philip Mansbridge said:

“We’re absolutely delighted that Wendy has become our first Wildlife Hero. She’s been a true advocate for animals for many years so she absolutely deserves the award.

“As part of becoming a Wildlife Hero, the recipient gets a great package including a cuddly toy, a wildlife hero card and a badge – and Wendy has passed these onto her son Freddie. Hopefully he’ll follow in mum’s footsteps, take an interest in animals, and become one of the next generation of Wildlife Heroes.”

Wendy, who lives in West London, said: “It’s lovely to be given this award, even if I’m not sure how much of a hero I am! I’ve always been passionate about animals, and there’s always more to be done to help them. Care for the Wild does amazing work so I think anyone supporting them is a hero too!”

The charity offers all wildlife lovers the chance to get involved and become a wildlife hero too – and get their special hero pack, simply by joining the Hero scheme. To find out how to become a Wildlife Hero, go to

Report and picture contributed by Care for the Wild.