Tributes to “bright, bubbly” Ryan Del-Bianco

Ryan Del-Bianco. Picture courtesy of Ryan's parents, Martin and Phil
Ryan Del-Bianco. Picture courtesy of Ryan's parents, Martin and Phil

Family members and friends have gathered together to release Chinese Lanterns in memory of Ryan Del-Bianco, a bubbly, bright 21-year-old with a mischievous smile and great potential.

The Middy reported last week that Ryan lost his life on Friday, November 8 on the A272 at Scaynes Hill. His Ford Focus was in collision with a Ford Fiesta being driven in the opposite direction.

A third car, a Renault Clio, containing Ryan’s friends had been following some distance behind and was involved in the aftermath of the crash.

Ryan, from Haywards Heath Road, North Chailey, and his friends, had been driving west on their way to The Inn on the Green at Scaynes Hill when the accident happened just after 9pm.

Ryan’s father, Martin, and mother, Phil, heard about the fatal crash from one of Ryan’s friends, a passenger in the Renault Clio, who telephoned them from a mobile phone at the scene.

“We drove up there but the police wouldn’t let us near,” said Martin. “We knew it was bad and we were told straight away.

“We would like to thank all the emergency services for their consideration and for what they did for all involved.”

Reflecting on her only son’s life, Ryan’s mother, Phil, said: “He was born seven weeks prematurely and spent time in intensive care but he pulled through and never looked back.

“He was a fighter who confronted life and we must be strong for him. It’s what he would have wanted.”

Ryan’s father, Martin, added: “Ryan was sociable and confident and at family gatherings he was the life and soul of the party.

“Until this happened, we didn’t realise he had so many friends and we want to thank them for their overwhelming support.

“I have suffered bereavement before, but nothing will compare to this.There’s a big hole in my heart and although tissue will grow over it, there will always be a hole behind.”

Tributes from Ryan’s family and many friends are in this week’s Mid Sussex Times, which was published on Thursday, November 21.