Three vehicles in collision near Turners Hill

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A HUSBAND has called for people to take more care on a country road near his home following a crash involving three vehicles.

Two cars and motorcycle were involved in the accident just north of Turners hill on Turners Hill Road between Crawley-Down and Copthorne yesterday (Thursday April 19).

The crash happened as the leading car slowed down to turn down a side road.

Cliff Vernon, of Turners Hill Road, whose wife Colette and son Sonny, six were in the front car but unhurt, said: “Drivers hammer along that road, and it’s only one lane in either direction. I just wish they’d slow down. We moved down from London, where it’s obviously busy on the roads but this is a different danger.

“The girl in the middle car was dazed but I think the motorcycle rider had a broken leg and maybe two. They landed an air ambulance in a field to take him to hospital.”