Shocking photos show children lying down on 85mph railway near Horsham

Shocking photos showing children ‘messing about’ and lying down on a railway crossing near Horsham have been released.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 2:39 pm

Rail chiefs are warning people not to trespass after the number of incidents surged 40 per cent after South East London, Surrey and Sussex emerged from the first national lockdown.

And now Network Rail has shared a shocking image showing two young girls lying down on a railway crossing near Horsham.

Another image shows two boys walking down the track – on which trains travel at up to 85mph – at Bewbush near Ifield.

Children pictured on the railway in Horsham. Photo: Network Rail

The first incident happened on May 4 at around 5pm. The second happened on May 14.

Network Rail warned trespass can have ‘serious consequences’ as well as putting passengers’ welfare at risk.

Network Rail head of route quality health safety & environment, Vincent van der Hoeven, said: “We really must get the message across to children and their parents the dangers of trespassing on the track.

“We are putting efforts into getting the message across in schools and on social media through our ‘Parallel Lines’ film and ‘You vs Train’ campaign.”

Children pictured trespassing in Bewbush. Photo: Network Rail

The children, whose identities have been disguised, have been spoken to by transport police officers.

Nicola Dooris, community safety manager on the South East Route, added: “Unfortunately during lockdown, we have seen an increase in the numbers of young people messing about on the railway.

“On that section of track trains often travel at 85 mph and at that speed, unlike cars, trains can take hundreds of metres to stop, a fact many young people don’t realise.

“Using CCTV like this I’m often able to track down young people and talk to them and I’d much rather do that than help our staff cope with the aftermath of young people being killed.”

Children pictured trespassing in Bewbush. Photo: Network Rail

A spokesman said: “Network Rail has also worked with British Transport Police on the uncompromising You vs Train campaign for three years, aiming to educate young people on the devastating and wide-reaching consequences of trespass but the message to adults is the same - don’t risk your lives or others by trespassing on the railway when a red light is displayed.”

Children pictured trespassing in Bewbush. Photo: Network Rail