New Bolnore Village one-way system by school favoured in consultation

One-way consultation image
One-way consultation image

Residents in Bolnore Village have expressed overwhelming support for a proposal for a one-way system outside the school.

Bolnore Village Primary School is growing rapidly and have recently revised their school travel plan. As part of that, the school asked West Sussex County Council to consider whether a one-way system in Updown Hill would make it safer for children travelling to and from school.

Following detailed discussions, highway engineers suggested a scheme that would make the road outside the school one-way, whilst leaving the rest of Updown Hill as it is. There would be no left turn from Middle Village into Updown Hill. This would enable the scheme to deliver a safer environment for children whilst minimising the impact on residents, bus services and delivery drivers.

Local councillor Pete Bradbury, who was a founder governor of the school said: “We wanted to design a scheme that would have the support of local people as well as community organisations.

“I’m delighted that we have had well over a hundred responses to our consultation, with 80 per cent in favour of the scheme. It really is a credit to the residents of Bolnore Village that they engaged with this consultation in the way they have.

“It’s important in the decision making process that we understand what people think.”

A few residents have suggested the one-way system would work better the other way and highway engineers are to double-check that the proposed route is the most appropriate option.

The next step will be for the Central Mid Sussex County Local Committee to agree that the scheme should be added to the local Infrastructure Plan.

Councillor Bradbury added: “Everyone knows that councils are facing tough financial pressures currently and we have already planned local works up to 2016/17.

“However I hope we will be able to prioritise this important improvement to the safety of our children.”