Traditional crafts event at museum

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Amberley Museum’s eagerly awaited Traditional Crafts weekend will take place on May 28, 29 and 30.

On this bank holiday weekend, visitors will be able to chat to the craftspeople and watch items being designed and made while having the opportunity to purchase the uniquely crafted pieces.

With Amberley’s resident crafters such as the broom maker, wood turners, hurdle makers, wheelwrights, spoon carvers, stone mason and potter demonstrating their traditional skills, this exceptional event it is not to be missed.

In addition, more than 20 visiting artisans will include lace makers, glass makers, quilters, needle workers, jewellers and bead and rag rug designers.

With many crafts now making resurgence after being featured on television programmes, people are reverting back to traditional crafts to provide a way of making a living, offer a second top up income, or just as ‘hobbyists’.

Whatever the reason, there is great passion involved, and those at Amberley are always happy to chat about how and why they started.

Countless craft items frequently outlive commercially produced pieces and often become passed down as heirlooms.

In many cases you can find where the stones, wood and other materials are sourced, with much of the Amberley craftspeople sourcing in or local to Sussex.

Amberley Museum is open from March to October and hold many events ranging from children’s activity days to classic vehicle shows and the ever popular Santa Specials.

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