Town council rejects Sunte House scheme

Sunte House
Sunte House

Town councillors are unanimously backing residents who oppose building 15 homes in the grounds of Sunte House, Haywards Heath.

The opponents believe the Banner Homes scheme would spoil the area and create a precedent for more housing in the area.

Haywards Heath Town Council’s objections include: negative impact on the setting of Sunte House and Wickham Farm, both grade II listed; precedent for the development on and around the area of land, which would mean that the rest of the land around the site would be subject to further applications; the site and other sites surrounding Sunte House and Wickham Farm form part of a natural network around the town and this would be completely compromised should this development be permitted.

It was also stated that previous applications for the development of the site have been refused including a refusal by a Planning Inspector. It was also noted that Mid Sussex District Council’s Housing Supply document (2013) and previous Strategic Housing Land Area Appraisal documents (2010) stated that Sunte House land and the other two sites surrounding the land are deemed to be unsuitable for development due to the impact development would have on the setting of the two grade II listed buildings. Michael Grey, of Gander Green, said: “There is widespread indignation around the north of the town about this effort to exploit the Mid Sussex planning vacuum, in which we believe will destroy forever the historic setting and natural wildlife habitat of the two most significant historic houses in Haywards Heath.” Mid Sussex Council will decide the application.

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