Tilly’s Christmas poster wins Findon Valley competition

Tilly Smith has a 'passion' for drawing
Tilly Smith has a 'passion' for drawing

A CHRISTMAS-THEMED poster, designed by a 10-year-old girl, has won a school competition.

Children attending the Vale First and Middle School, in Findon Valley, were encouraged to design a poster to promote the Findon Valley Residents’ Association’s ‘Spirit of Christmas’ late night shopping and community event, taking place on December 6, in King’s Parade.

Tilly Smith, received a £25 Amazon voucher for her winning effort, with Poppy Miles, five, receiving a £15 voucher for coming second and Evie Nichols, seven, £10 for finishing in third place.

Tilly’s mum Rachael Smith, said: “At first, there was total disbelief in Tilly’s face when I told her she had won.

“Tilly kept repeating, ‘Seriously?’ Until she saw how serious we were and then there was a heartfelt ‘yay’ with a huge smile.

“Tilly has a deep passion for drawing anything and everything, which is not surprising as our family is highly creative with her great grandfather being an artist and her grandmother a graphic designer. Also my husband and I run an artist airbrushing business so we must have something in our genes.”

The winners will receive their prize vouchers alongside their framed posters from Maggie Winter, FVRA chairman of the Christmas event committee, at a ceremony in the school towards the end of November.

Tina Feest from SellSmart and one of the competition judges, said: “Tilly’s poster was well designed, bright, colourful and eye-catching; we all felt that it was the most memorable from the 100 posters so it had to be our number one choice.”

To see the three poster designs and for more information on the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ visit www.findonvalley.org