Theatre pupils work on the set of new film

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PUPILS from a performing arts academy are joining forces with a production company to create a short film shot in Southwick.

Makelight Productions, based in Brighton, is teaming up with Pauline Quirke Academy (PQA) Southwick to film its movie School 
of 1980.

This will be the fifth film created by co-producers and founders of Makelight Productions, Andromeda Godfrey and Diana Juhr DeBenedetti.

They visited PQA Southwick headquarters on Southwick Street on November 16, to talk about the film and get the children involved.

Andromeda Godfrey said: “We chose PQA for our location because we needed a school that would understand the demands of filming and also provide the students with a chance to participate.

“Director Mark Tew, writer Simon Messingham and I visited PQA to give the students an idea of what our film is about.

“We also told them about the process of filmmaking. We discussed how short film funding is limited.

“One way to secure funds is to crowdfund which is what we are doing. We shared our crowdfunding campaign with them to show them how to prepare a pitch.

“We then discussed the pre-production stage and what they can expect from the experience of working with us. “

Andromeda added: “We found PQA and Julian McDowell, the school’s principal, to be entirely accommodating and enthusiastic.”

Some of the students will be playing supporting roles while others want to help behind the scenes.

The company wish to give the students a taste of what it is like on set and help develop their specific interests.

School of 1980 is a short comedy about Eve Lamb, a teacher who fights to tame the lawless gang who rule George Washington High.

Makelight Productions was created “for the sole purpose of producing films that make you feel, think, laugh and shake you up a little.”

Julian McDowell said: “I met the director Mark a few months ago and he talked about this project.

“I said PQA would like to be involved and the idea developed from there.

“The students are very excited at the idea of working with a professional cast and film crew.

“The students will be involved as extras and will be allowed to work with some of the film crew, giving them valuable experience working with cameras, sound, lighting and other technical aspects of professional film production.

“Everyone is looking forward to filming at Southwick and working with a local filmaker.”

School of 1980 will be filmed at the academy in early 2014.

To learn more information about the project, or to get involved, contact