The ultimate love story of stray dogs Romeo and Juliet who won’t be parted

Juliet, Holbrook Animal Rescue SUS-140105-164920001
Juliet, Holbrook Animal Rescue SUS-140105-164920001

This is the story of Romeo and Juliet - The ultimate love story in the doggy world .

The story starts in Zakynthos (Zante) just before Christmas after a few days of awful stormy weather with a phone call to some volunteers on the island about a dog in a ditch.

Romeo, Holbrook Animal Rescue SUS-140105-164910001

Romeo, Holbrook Animal Rescue SUS-140105-164910001

The person reported she had heard a little dog barking and on investigation she found a second dog lying in the ditch which was full of water.

So our volunteers set out to rescue this poor dog who had apparently been in the ditch for 2 days already and just like before, the smaller dog barked and led them to where he was lying .

There he lay in the water unable to move so volunteers thought he may not survive . They rushed him to the vet where he was found to have been shot. 38 pellets could be seen on his x-ray. They were advised by the vet that the pellets would work themselves out over time.

Romeo was kept in the veterinary hospital, very depressed, probably missing his Juliet. Unfortunately she had to be left where she was as there were no foster places available. However the volunteers could not leave her after all she had been through and went back daily to feed her and check on her.

Rome and Juliet, Holbrook Animal Rescue SUS-140105-164859001

Rome and Juliet, Holbrook Animal Rescue SUS-140105-164859001

She appeared to be still searching for Romeo which broke everyone’s heart. It seemed like she couldn’t understand where he had gone and why she was now alone.

So two very special ladies worked a mini miracle. They picked Juliet up a few days later and she was reunited with her Romeo. Things did not end there.

Romeo took a turn for the worse and the vet was not at all confident he would make it. The lead pellets he had been shot with were poisoning him. It was a very anxious 10 days on strong medication, but gradually Romeo started to improve.

He was unsteady on his legs at first but now having had time to heal and get strong again he is a normal happy dog and full of life. He and Juliet live together in a nice foster home and of course Juliet still looks out for him. He is the love of her life, and she saved his life !

Juliet is a small pointer cross and is around two years old. Romeo is a setter cross and between three-four years old. Both are vaccinated and neutered.

We are looking for a special home for them to stay together where they will never be parted again. Please contact Holbrook Animal Rescue if you feel you can offer them a special place in your hearts and your home. Adoption fee applies but just for one as we want to home them together.

Zante strays have so many dogs in foster and many of the few foster carers have numerous dogs. They are always appealing for more foster carers to come forward which would ultimately mean they could save more lives.

If it wasn’t for this brave, clever, loyal girl then the injured dog would never have been located. She was simply his Protector. So we named them Romeo and Juliet.

Please visit our website to register your interest if you can offer these two special dogs a home:

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