The story of Southwick through original paintings

Southwick exhibition
Southwick exhibition

A new historical exhibition, which traces Southwick through the 19th and 20th century has just opened at the Manor Cottage Heritage Centre.

‘Southwick in Paintings’ chronicles the town’s development from the 1800s to modern day.

The collection ranges from an old paddle tug and sailing ships in the habour in the 1880s, the expansion of the port in the 1950s, the building of the power station, the parish church in the 19th century and the streets of the old town which are now demolished.

Visitors can also enjoy two new attractions running alongside the show. These include a recreation of a war-time kitchen filled with 1940s funishings and decorations; where gas masks hang from the walls and the radio plays.

Upstairs a school room showcases the history of Southwick schools from the 1840s.

The exhibition opens from Saturday, July 13, to August 17, and is open from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Nigel Divers, Southwick Society secretary, said: “The places we live in are largely a product of their history and the things people have done. These things make places special and different and knowing about them helps people, whether long term residents or newcomers, feel part of the place. People with longer memories and local connections are also interested in all these things and can get great joy from remembering a long lost scene. There is a lot of pride and interest in Southwick and we try to support and nurture this as we think that will help to keep the town a pleasant place where people will want to live and hopefully maintain it.”