Thanks for accident help

ON Saturday afternoon, July 30 about 3.30pm, my wife and I were involved in a car accident on the A27 near the White Swan Hotel. We had crossed the west bound side of the road and ended up in the vegetation/bushes. It was a miracle that no traffic was coming towards us and that a passing ambulance and a car stopped.

The ambulance crew organised our situation and the fire brigade came and got my wife out of the car.

We were taken to A&E in Worthing. who gave her every test to ensure that no bones were broken and there were no internal injuries.

She had a lot of bruising from the seat belt but our GP has taken care of everything.

We are very grateful to all the emergency services and for what they did for us. The car and camping are a write off.

Thank you all again.

Mr and Mrs B Crayford,

Brittany Road, Worthing