Telling the time for Shoreham once again

Telling the time for Shoreham . . . St Mary de Haura Church
Telling the time for Shoreham . . . St Mary de Haura Church

NO longer need the people of Shoreham be confused about what time it is.

For the first time in about five months, the clocks on St Mary de Haura Church began working once again last week.

The timepieces are a prominent feature of the town centre, and many people have come to rely on them.

After they broke down last year, it was feared the clock works would need to be sent away for repair.

But the February parish magazine, Old + New, reports: “Very good news! The second opinion has clearly identified that it is not necessary for the clock works to go away and the necessary repairs can be carried out within a very short time.”

Priest-in-charge, the Rev Ann Waizeneker said it was a great relief to see the clocks working again, as so many people in the town used them.

The church has been told that within the next couple of years, it should be thinking about replacing the motors, which are responsible for the lifting of the weights.

The electric motors were installed nearly 50 years ago, when the weekly manual winding of the clock ceased.

The PCC has decided the maintenance of the clock should now be entrusted to the Cumbria Clock Co Ltd and an appeal for funds to replace the motors will be made.

In another change at the church, the parish office for St Nicolas and St Mary de Haura has now moved to New Road.

The church has secured temporary planning permission to move into part of the building the church owns, and it is hoped this can become a permanent arrangement.

It is expected the move from St Mary’s House, in St Mary’s Road, will save the church a considerable amount of money in leasing costs.

Writing in the parish magazine, Julie Gates said: “The move will open up many opportunities for the parish, not least because it enables us to become more visible in the town, and access to the office is much easier as it is on the ground floor.

“We hope, too, that it will become a resource we can share in all sorts of ways with other churches in the town as we seek together to commend God’s love to the world.”

Preparation for the move included rewiring, installation of new heating and interior decorating and repairs, which has taken place over the last few weeks.

On moving day, a group of volunteers loaded and unloaded the van on numerous runs.

Julie added: “Many thanks go to all the volunteers who have spent time over the last few weeks packing, painting, cleaning, shifting furniture and equipment and to those who have supported the volunteers and kept them going with refreshments!

“It is much appreciated and we hope just the beginning of a new phase of our ministry.”

Sue Clay, the parish administrator, has worked in the parish office for three years.

She has been looking forward to moving to the new office as it is more accessible and visible to everyone.

Contact Sue at the parish office on 01273 440202 or pop in on Thursdays and Friday, from 10am to noon.