Talented chefs show skills at ‘The Great Oakmeeds Bake Off’

Students enjoy 'The Great Oakmeeds Bake Off'
Students enjoy 'The Great Oakmeeds Bake Off'

Watching the BBC’s Great British Bake Off gave Year 10 Head of Year, Mrs McIver, and Assistant Head of Year, Miss Page, a great idea for a new inter form event.

The response from students was overwhelming and so The Great Oakmeeds Bake Off was born!

Round One took place on Children in Need day in November. For the 34 Year 10 pupils who entered the competition their challenge was to make cupcakes following the day’s charity fundraising theme. Pupils were judged on their creativity, design, bake and taste.

In the theme of the Great British Bake off it was decided that not all participants would go through to the end of the competition, so half of the participants were taken through to a semi-final working in pairs.

The Semi Final took place on Friday 13th December. This gave pupils time to plan and bake their next challenge, this time the slightly more tricky ‘Bread’. Again the standard was absolutely phenomenal. The judges favourites this round were a fruit loaf, creamed custard brioche and finally a cheese, tomato and paprika bread roll.

The final of the Year 10 Bake Off took place on Thursday January 30th 2014 in the Food Tech Room (yes - this time they were baking live in front of the judges!). The theme for the final was ‘Pastry’. The finalists were: Jade Burnham and Xavier Chan, Louis Wallond and Amy Baldwin, Jemma Carpenter and Chloe Hunter, Mason Payne and Daniel Rose.

The students were ambitious and delights made included chocolate pastry yachts and eclairs.

After much deliberation the winners were announced...

Taking the crown of Year 10 Bakers were Jade Burnham and Xavier Chan, with their Oreo and Nutella Tart with raspberries. Runners Up were Louis Wallond and Amy Baldwin, with their Trio of Tarts.

Mrs McIver and Miss Page said: “We would like to thank the pupils of Year 10 for their interest, participation and support of their peers throughout the competition and we hope that they have enjoyed it as much as we have running it. The finalists were absolutely brilliant. They even helped each other! We would also like to thank our many judges for giving up their time to assist us.”

Congratulations to our talented chefs!

Report and picture contributed by Oakmeeds Community College..