Synchronised Swimmers Trying to keep dream afloat

SPORTING dreams are sinking for a team of synchronised swimmers in Horsham as local clubs refuse to give them membership.

Francesca Casagrande, 44, of Woodland Way in Roffey, has called local sports clubs “unkind” for refusing membership to her synchronised swimmers.

The Italian coach is amazed that clubs in Horsham and Crawley have refused membership to more than 40 talented amateur swimmers, who she has coached at Pavilions in Horsham for the past three years.

The girls, aged between five and sixteen, are now desperate to become members of an official club so that they can take part in national competitions.

This April could provide an opportunity for them to be skill graded and entered into national competitions but this will not be possible unless they have official representation.

Ursula has been shocked at the disinterest in her team and believes that they don’t see the potential of the sport.

“It has been so difficult to find anyone because they think that it is not a real sport and I think they’re worried we’re going to take up their pool space.” Francesca said.

“I really can’t understand why they won’t take us and it is so upsetting for the girls because our main aim is to be able to take part in competitions.”

The team currently meet to practice in Pavilions every Tuesday and Saturday.

Francesca said: “before me there was no synchronised swimming team and now there are all these incredible performers but no one wants to take them.

“This is the perfect place for an official synchronised swimming team because there are lots of gymnasts at Pavilions and just the right sort of parents who would encourage their children to get involved.”

The team are putting on an end of term display in Pavilions between 4pm and 6pm on Saturday March 24 which the public are welcome to watch.