Sussex MPs ranked by attraction

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Comment: by Harley Tamplin

Pressure comes with the job as an MP - holding up to public scrutiny whilst trying to maintain a strong political career and local reputation.

But a website ranking MPs based on their physical appearance,, gives politicians something else to think about.

The site picks two members of the UK parliament at random and asks viewers to choose the ‘sexiest’ of the two politicians.

Rankings are shown on the website - and the results are a mixed bag for the West Sussex MPs.

On the male list, bragging rights go to Crawley’s MP Henry Smith, who takes the dizzying heights of 13th place.

Nick Herbert, the member for Arundel and South Downs, narrowly edges out Horsham’s Francis Maude - the pair sit in 135th and 152nd in the list of 506 male MPs.

The MP for Mid Sussex, Nichoas Soames, is ranked in 347th.

Of the 648 MPs in the country, prime minister David Cameron is listed as the 116th most attractive by

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