SUSSEX DECIDES: Chichester election ‘just the start’ for Greens

Japser Richmond, Green Party candidate 2015 for Chichester SUS-150414-171512001
Japser Richmond, Green Party candidate 2015 for Chichester SUS-150414-171512001

GREEN MP candidate Jasper Richmond believes this year’s election is the start of something big in the Chichester area.

“It doesn’t stop for us today,” he said while waiting for the result of the general election count for the Chichester constituency.

“This is just the start of a reorganisation of the Green Party in Chichester. We’ve attracted a lot of members and people.”

Speaking of the campaign so far, he said: “I think we’ve had a very successful campaign. I think a lot of people didn’t know very much about the Green Party so it’s been a good opportunity to let them know what we’re about and what we want to achieve.”

He felt this was the only time he would run as a candidate for parliament, but he hoped to be able to mentor a younger candidate in the future.

“We’re a young party,” he said. “It’s nice to be chosen and I think I’ve done a reasonable job. I would see myself as a mentor for an upcoming candidate.”

The big moment for the party will come later today (May 8), when it finds out if it has won the Chichester District Council seats it is targeting.

Realistically, the Chichester constituency is likely to remain heavily Conservative, but after not fielding a candidate at the 2010 election, the Greens said they hope they can at least retain their deposit and move on to bigger things.

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