Students raise hundreds for storm appeal

Shoreham College
Shoreham College

STUDENTS moved by the Philippines typhoon disaster raised £859 in their fundraising efforts.

A group of year-eight girls from Shoreham College, St Julian’s Lane, organised a cake sale two weeks after the disaster, co-ordinated by Dr J. McCarthy.

The group, led by Georgina Tugwell, made posters to promote the cake sale and wrote a presentation they delivered to the school during an assembly.

Jacqui Hobson, marketing executive at Shoreham College, said: “Everyone in the audience was moved by their speech and wanted to help.

“The girls also stayed behind after school and along with Dr McCarthy baked and decorated lots of cup cakes to sell the next day. The girls then went home and baked more.”

The school chefs also contributed by baking 100 biscuits. Dr McCarthy said: “Thank you to the year-eight girls for their generous spirit and all the pupils who donated, baked and bought cakes on the day.”

Georgina Tugwell, said: “I was watching the news about the typhoon and I felt so sad for the people I just had to do something to try to help. The next day in school I spoke to some of my friends and came up with the idea of a cake sale. I mean, everyone loves cake and it was something that we could organise quite quickly.”

The group consisted of Maia Marston, Lydia Halmos, Indi-Anna Smith, Georgina Tugwell, Freya Simpson, Emily Tate.