Storrington Camera Club submit stunning images in recent contest

Puppy in a Satchel - Daisy Kane SUS-150413-150850001
Puppy in a Satchel - Daisy Kane SUS-150413-150850001

Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP was the judge at Storrington Camera Club’s fourth projected image competition of the season.

There was no set subject and there were 59 entries including portraits, landscapes, wild life and lots of other varied subjects for Bob to appraise. After offering his constructive criticism of each image, he held back just 13 of them for further comment and consideration.

There were six 18’s on the night: Ray Foxlee’s ‘Over the Water to the Green’ which was a lovely black and white landscape shot, Paul Hayward’s very striking ‘Moving Glacier’ , Jean MacWhirter’s ‘Falkland Islander’ of an aeroplane coming in to land, and her close up natural history shot ‘Rock Cormorants pair-bonding’, Anne Nagle’s very colourful “Singapore at Night”, and Derek Grieve’s lovely ‘Silver-Studded Blue Butterfly’.

Just four 19’s were awarded. The first was from Terence Bermingham who had captured “Mo at Speed” on the race track, John Gauvin was awarded a 19 for his ‘Female Mallard’ which was a shot taken from an interesting water-level viewpoint, and also for ‘Potentilla’ a very well captured image of that delicate flower. The final 19 went to Derek Grieve’s impressive natural history shot of ‘The Blackbird and the Wasp’.

The first of the 20s was given to Daisy Kane for her ‘Puppy in a Satchel’, which was a delightful B&W of the puppy’s head emerging from the satchel. Daisy’s shot of two racing horses, well captured and entitled ‘It’s a close run thing’ got her the second 20 of the evening, and another beauty from Anne, ‘Nasturtium’, was a very powerful B&W image which also got a well deserved 20. Derek Grieve’s delightful ‘Bearded Tit on a Norfolk Reed’ was awarded another 20 and finally another stunning black and white picture from Daisy “Winter walk on the dunes’” achieved for her a third 20 on the night, which is a very rare achievement.

Daisy’s “Puppy in a Satchel” was declared the winning image of the night.

Report and pictures contributed by the Storrington Camera Club.