Stick out your neck and start planning for Horsham’s Giraffe Trail

Horsham Rotary's giraffe trail is set to come to Horsham in October. Picture courtesy of
Horsham Rotary's giraffe trail is set to come to Horsham in October. Picture courtesy of

Horsham Rotary are set to launch a fundraising giraffe trail with local businesses and charities this autumn.

In association with Horsham Unlimited, the event will take place on Saturday, October 26, and will be the district’s very own take on a fun trail which they hope will draw more people into the town.

With only 25-30 giraffes available and businesses and local charities signing up quickly, Horsham Rotary are advising for others to get involved before they are all gone.

The initiative works by local shops and businesses ‘adopting’ a plain 5ft high giraffe for £80.

They then arrange to have them decorated – they can either do this themselves or ‘outsource’ to local artists, schools etc. They are able to be painted but also suitable for decoupage.

Rotary are also helping to assemble contacts for this.

Each giraffe will support an individual charity from a list that Rotary are putting together and many of the charities will also help tend their animal

Each giraffe is then signed by a celebrity - many charities have contacts with famous names but many traders probably have famous friends and clients. Rotary will also try to help where needed.

The giraffes will be displayed in their stores or in their windows creating a town trail and family competition with great prizes including a Halloween Giraffe to encourage visitors to view them all and visit their shops/premises.

Swan Walk will be happy to support no-retail partners without town centre windows by finding windows/locations in the town centre for their giraffes.

Horsham Unlimited will maximise media coverage on and offline and giraffe appearances at various locations and events.

At the end of the event, the giraffes will be auctioned to raise money for their charities.

The campaign, which is similar to others elsewhere, will see the giraffes parade through the town on the day before going to their temporary homes where they will stay for two weeks.

For more details and to get your brand on the list contact

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