Starbucks barista brews up support for charity

Kyra Lewin
Kyra Lewin

Kyra Lewin is known to many of us as the smiling face behind the counter at Starbucks in Sainsbury’s superstore, Haywards Heath but she recently performed another five star service as a fundraiser.

Kyra, who lives in Western Road, opened her award-winning Haywards Heath garden to the public and raised £1,347 for Cancer Research.

She explained: “My father was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, my uncle was treated for bowel cancer and I have a second cousin who was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“So many people I know have been treated for cancer. “I am fifty soon and I wanted to do something to make a difference to their lives.”

Over the years, Kyra’s garden has won several awards from Haywards Heath Town Council in the annual ‘In Bloom’ competition.

She felt it was the perfect venue for a fundraising event at the end of July to help research into cancer.

Kyra, who works as a supervisor at Starbucks, said a big thank you to everyone who helped her to raise so much money for the national cancer charity.

She said: “The support I had was amazing and I would like to thank my family and friends for all their hard work.

“I would also like to say a big thank-you for all the support I had from my work colleagues at Starbucks.”