Stab victim’s brother goes on stand at trial

THE brother of a man stabbed after an argument at a house party gave evidence at a retrial this week.

Enos Moyo was also at the gathering which took place in Pavilion Road, Worthing, on August 11, 2012.

Ernest, known as Joe, was stabbed three times and as a result of infection, later had his arms and legs amputated.

Two men, Dominic Brookes, 18, a student from Bramble Close, Croydon, and a 17-year-old boy from Worthing were found guilty of GBH with intent at Hove Crown Court last year.

The jury could not reach a verdict for Patrick Brookes, 26, of Clifton Road, Worthing and Jeramiah Reynolds, 25, from North London.

Speaking at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday, Enos described the chain of events leading to the stabbing.

He said: “I went to the party with some of my friends, my brother and my uncle and we arrived at around 12.30am.

“When we got to the party there was no problem at all.
“Then the girl that owned the house came out to where we were and said that a phone had gone missing and started accusing us of taking it.

“We did not stay at the party because we thought bringing up the phone situation was an excuse to kick us out.”

The friends left but returned to the party less than an hour later and a fight broke out.

Enos said: “The next thing I knew two guys were attacking my brother and then there were four of them fighting with him.

“I did not see any weapons at first but then I saw Patrcik and his brother with something shiny.

“One of the other guys I think had a belt around his wrist and was punching Joe on the head with it.”

Joe managed to get away from the group, and Enos caught up with him.

He said: “When he collapsed I saw the blood coming from under his chest then also a lot of blood coming from his leg so I started to give him first aid.”

The trial continues.