Sponsorship scheme launched to boost blooms

Part of Steyning in Bloom's High Street display
Part of Steyning in Bloom's High Street display

STEYNING in Bloom is launching a campaign to sponsor planting throughout the town.

There are 18 tubs, baskets and planters along the High Street in Steyning, currently bursting into bloom with summer flowers.

But the costs of the pole planting, nearly £3,000, has limited this year’s efforts to just a few hanging baskets at each end of the High Street.

Committee member Elisabeth Harden said: “Next year, we will be celebrating both the 2014 Steyning Festival and the quatrocentenary of the grammar school.

“We want to be able to fund an appropriately splendid professional display and to this end, are launching an Adopt a Tub campaign, running through to spring 2014.”

Sponsorship of the planting will mean contributing to the whole plan, rather than adopting one particular tub and maintaining it.

Elisabeth added: “The next burst of named flowers will appear on the display in early July, and lists of sponsors will appear throughout the year.

“We’ll put your name on a flower (or you can remain anonymous) so we can put on a superb display next year. Please help make our town even more beautiful.”