Space seeds and sporting success

Kingslea pupils with their fabric patches
Kingslea pupils with their fabric patches

It was an exciting afternoon at Kingslea Primary School in Horsham last week as community performers were rewarded for the role they have played representing their school.

Kingslea Primary School Headteacher Alexis Conway, along with PE coach Natalie Jagota, awarded their sportsmen and women and community performers with their University inspired ‘colours’.

Kingslea pupils with the space seeds

Kingslea pupils with the space seeds

These fabric patches, labelled with the sport or activity the child has performed in are, Mr Conway explained, to be sewn on to sport wear hooded tops or school jumpers as a badge of pride for each child to wear.

Having had their names read out in a special assembly and been greeted by the Rocky theme tune music and a vigorous round of applause each child had their photo taken and rejoined the special assembly.

Some children received several of these colours having proved themselves talented at a range of sports.

With the recent achievements and success of many of the Kingslea sports teams and the growing success of the PE departments Twitter feed (@KingsleaPE) it is an exciting time to be an active member of the Kingslea community.

Also this week, Kingslea Primary School have been lucky enough to receive some space seeds by British astronaut Tim Peake.

South Coast astronaut Peake recently received a collection of rocket seeds to be used as part of a special experiment.

The seeds were sent to space to see how their growth was effected by their time in zero gravity.

Having been returned to earth, schools were offered the chance to grow some of them alongside the same number of seeds that stayed on earth.

However to add an extra question the UK Space Agency have not revealed which is which.

The seeds, currently being grown in a Year 5 classroom, have started to grow. Who knows what we can expect over the next few weeks! Follow their progress on @KingsleaPrimary.

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