‘Somebody could get killed’ by motorcycle ticket policy

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A MOTORCYCLIST claims a parking enforcement company’s policy of wrapping parking tickets around throttles could result in someone ‘being killed’.

Stephen Cummings, 45, of Lansdowne Road, Worthing, was thrown into the road when he failed to notice his throttle was forced into the open position.

He claims a parking ticket, attached around the throttle with an elastic band, was at fault, causing the scooter to jolt forward.

A plea to enforcement company NSL to change its policy was rejected by the firm.

Mr Cummings said: “When I started the engine, because it is an automatic, it just leapt forward and dumped me on the road.

“I was shocked. All I remember was looking down the road and thinking ‘thank God nothing is coming’. If it had been, that could have been it.”

“This is really dangerous and somebody could get killed or seriously hurt.”

Mr Cummings parked his scooter on the pavement outside his home on December 31 last year and has been fighting the policy ever since.

He left the house in darkness at 7am, already wearing his gloves and helmet.

As a result, he did not the ticket and was caught off-balance, ending up sprawled in the road.

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, February 13.