Social problems

Is technology today being asked to solve problems that are fundamentally social?

CO2 from burning oil is blamed for causing climate change. The answer is to insulate homes, and generate renewable energy, in order to replace fossil fuels. And yet every possible drop of oil is being extracted, with polar regions next on the list.

A naive person might imagine that nothing will halt CO2 climate change unless we stop oil exploitation and close down as many wells as possible. In the absence of any significant CO2 capture.

We are told that 230,000 new houses and flats are needed every year. How many hundred square miles of country will that represent by the end of the century? Or are fingers crossed that ‘something will turn up’ to reduce the need.

Is this country supposed to find room for nature and food production, and avoid clogged roads and creating overcrowded conurbations. But then we have our National Parks, so presumably the rest of the country is a building site, and the Costa de West Sussex in particular.

Another naive person might think that measures need to be taken by society to reduce population. Halting immigration, by plainly stating that every country must be responsible for its own people. And not rewarding families for being above natural replacement size.

To many pressure groups all that seems to matter is the GNP and ever expanding production.

RW Standing

Sea Road, East Preston