Smoke and Mirrors at The Towers

Professional photographer runs club at The Towers Convent School SUS-150508-105159001
Professional photographer runs club at The Towers Convent School SUS-150508-105159001

Zoom! Click! Capture! What a photograph! A magnificent display of photographs was shown in the Zoom! Click! Capture! exhibition at The Towers Convent Junior School in Steyning.

The exhibition was the end piece of the photography club that has been running for the past year.

The girls aged 7 – 11, have been looking at a variety of image composition guidelines as part of their club activities and this was certainly evident in the photos on show.

The club is run by Cheryl Blundy of Smoke and Mirrors Photos, who has been impressed by the interest and enthusiasm that the girls have shown.

“Children are able to produce stunning images with a little guidance, reaching a level of sophistication that they will not achieve in other artistic media for some years. This is great for their confidence and self esteem. The girls have worked with keen interest and it is fantastic to see their hard work rewarded in such a high standard of photography”.

As well as afterschool photography clubs, Cheryl runs photography workshops in local schools, working on a variety of different projects, from a magical woodland installation to a photographic replica of Arundel Castle, currently on show in the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery.

“It never fails to amaze me how easily children grasp the fundaments of image composition and how enthusiastic they are to put it into practice.”

The girls at The Towers are themselves extremely enthusiastic about the club:.

The sentiments of Erin aged 9: “I learnt how to make my photos different and interesting” are reflected by Amelia aged 11: “I think I’ve really improved, and now I think I’m a really good photographer”.

If the photos at the exhibition are anything to go by then they are absolutely right about that!

Report and pictures contributed by Cheryl Blundy.