Sleepless nights for neighbours of Three Bridges railway works

jpco-21-8-13 Three Bridges Railway Station (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-21-8-13 Three Bridges Railway Station (Pic by Jon Rigby)

Labourers and machinery at railway works at Three Bridges Station are still keeping people awake at night, residents have claimed.

Network Rail is creating a new signalling centre and Thameslink train depot plus Network Rail has contacted Siemens Group Construction to build a new depot on site.

Vibeke Harrison, of Lucas Close, said the noise had woken her three-year-old son, Jakob, at hourly intervals.

She said: “He was two when it started. Normally he wakes up just before midnight then every hour or so sometimes.

“They wait until midnight and start shouting, drilling or moving diggers up and down which sounded like they needed oiling.

“We’ve complained to Network Rail on three different occasions about the same thing but they just say they’ll pass on the complaint and then it carries on.”

Andrew Turner, of Craven Road, Maidenbower, told the Observer in May last year, he had not slept properly for a year, because of noisy machinery and shouting.

Network Rail said it would keep noise to a minimum whenever possible.

But on Friday (August 16) Andrew contacted the Observer by email at 3am.

He wrote: “Be it machinery or the yelling of labourers by households at this time of night is not in line with the understanding of the contract.”

He called for someone to “Get a grip” of the “Unacceptable level of nighttime banter at the bottom of residents property.”

He added: “Men working, we understand to a degree, however, this level is unacceptable.”

Crawley MP Henry Smith has received complaints from residents and written to Network Rail.

He said: “On several occasions over the past 18 months or so I’ve contacted the rail and construction companies to ask they remember the importance of being considerate to residents and although a reminder has occasionally been necessary I’m pleased that they’ve responded positively.”