‘Scam’ warning from pensioners

Phillip Gobeil
Phillip Gobeil

PENSIONERS who have lost money in what they describe as “scams” are warning others not to be tricked, too.

Lionel Chandler-Dawson, 83, and Phillip Gobeil, 65, lost money in two separate “scams”, relating to driving licences and miracle remedies for arthritis.

They are now warning others about the dangers of the internet and responding to unsolicited letters.

Mr Dawson, of Bowness Avenue, Sompting, lost £35 after ordering capsules and gel to help remedy his arthritis.

He had received a letter in the post and intrigued to see if it would work, ordered a small amount.

But weeks later, only the gel arrived – in a half-filled bottle.

He said: “Fortunately, I smelled a rat and didn’t buy very much.

“I tried the gel and it didn’t work.

“When I phoned the company, I couldn’t get through but they did phone me the other day and said I would need to order more for it to work.”

Although the amount Lionel lost was relatively small, he said that some have been known to lose over £300.

He added: “For a 12-month supply, it would cost £340.

“I want to warn people not to reply to letters they get through the post as a lot of people’s money has been taken and they won’t get any of it back.”

Mr Gobeil lost £50 when he tried to change the address and renew his driving licence on the internet.

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, March 21.