Sara spends her savings to give dogs new home

Sara Fulker with Bella and Body in northern Cyprus
Sara Fulker with Bella and Body in northern Cyprus

A MOTHER-OF-THREE who volunteered in a Cypriot animal sanctuary last month has used her life savings to rehome two of the pooches she worked with.

Sara Fulker, 31, from Rustington, travelled to Cyprus in July with her boyfriend, Mike, 36.

The trip, paid for by Sara’s parents, was the first time she had managed to get away for a ‘relaxing break’ since before the birth of her first child, Jordan, 15.

However, the holiday did not start in the manner they expected. On their first day at Sara’s parents’ house in Bahceli, the couple caught a feral cat and took it to Kyrenia Animal Rescue – a centre in the Besparmak Mountains which provides refuge for more than 200 dogs and cats. While there she asked to do some voluntary work for a couple of days.

For the full story, see the Littlehampton Gazette, Thursday, August 21.