Sands Farm for Farlington girls

Roseanna Savage, Millie Bubb, Lucia Mayhew and Suzie Lunt SUS-141126-151354001
Roseanna Savage, Millie Bubb, Lucia Mayhew and Suzie Lunt SUS-141126-151354001

On Sunday November 23, Farlington School sent two teams to compete in the Grass Roots Championships at Sands Farm, Warnham.

We entered two teams for the Jumping With Style and 50cm class and one team for the 60cm class.

The weather could not have been worse but the competition was taking place in an indoor arena so thankfully the girls and ponies stayed relatively dry!

Our first team of Lucy Harrison riding Cruiser, Georgia Stephens riding Jeepers and Lucy Bugler riding Buttons went first in the Jumping With Style class. All girls rode brilliantly and never stopped smiling throughout. Georgia’s pony decided to run out of one off the jumps and subsequently threw her off, but after a couple of seconds Georgia was up and managed to complete the course - well-done, Georgia.

A huge well done to the girls for some great riding - you really are a team to watch out for.

Our second team, Lucia Mayhew riding Sammy, Suzie Lunt riding Diva and Roseanna Savage riding Polo, were up next.

The girls were very focused and displayed some lovely riding; they knew they were up against some stiff competition as there were 15 teams entered. As they waited patiently for the results you could feel the tension in the air, the results were read out and Farlington were the winners!! We then waited for the individual results with great anticipation. Roseanna was placed a brilliant 4th and Lucia was placed a fantastic 1st place. An amazing achievement for the team.

We then moved onto to the 50cm team and individual class. Our first team of Lucy Bugler, Lucy Harrison and Georgia again rode with real passion. Lucy B rode Cruiser in this round as her pony was taken home, but she coped so well with the change and was a pleasure to watch. Lucy H rode her pony Cruiser and had a stop at jump four but she was determined to make Cruiser go over the jump. Georgia had a lovely clear round with some superb turns. Again the girls represented Farlington with pride and really enjoyed being part of the riding team.

We then had our second Farlington team of Lucia Mayhew, Roseanna Savage, Suzie Lunt and Millie Bubb.

There were 19 teams entered in this class, so the girls knew they had to get their jump off turns just right. Suzie was up first and did a super clear round with some great jump off turns - a great round on Diva. Then it was Roseanna’s turn, she jumped beautifully on her new pony Polo who she had only had for a week. Then it was Lucia’s turn, her pony Sammy was amazing and she rode him with real guts and determination. Last up was Millie on Squirrel, Millie did a lovely clear round with some fabulous jump off turns. We all then stood and waited for the results...The judges started with eighth place and slowly worked their way down, we all looked at each other wondering if we had been placed. It was then announced that the team of Lucia, Roseanna, Suzie and Millie were the winners! What a fantastic result for the girls. The individual results were next, Suzie was placed a fantastic 7th, Millie a brilliant 5th and Lucia an amazing 3rd. Each girl rode with determination and were always praising their ponies after each round.

The last class was the 60cm where we had the team of Lucia, Roseanna, Suzie and Millie. All the girls had fantastic clear rounds and worked so well as a team by supporting and congratulating each other. There were 12 strong teams in this class and the girls rode to the occasion. Well done to all four of them being placed 3rd overall. The whole day was a success and the girls were a pleasure to spend the day with. I can see great things for both teams as they grow in their ability to ride and their pure focus on riding well.

Final results

JWS – Farlington Team 1st Place

Lucia 1st Individually

Roseanna 4th Individually

50cm class

Farlington Team 1st

Lucia 3rd Individually

Millie 5th Individually

Suzie 7th Individually

60cm class

Farlington Team 3rd

Well done the Grass Roots Farlington Riding Squad who are CHAMPIONS!