‘Samaritans’ come to drivers’rescue as snow causes chaos

The stricken Morrisons lorry at Broadwater Bridge
The stricken Morrisons lorry at Broadwater Bridge

GOOD Samaritans who had to help push cars stuck in the heavy snow have criticised what they say was a lack of gritting on the town’s roads.

Residents of Chapel Road, Worthing, watched chaos unfold as a Morrisons lorry got stuck on Broadwater Bridge following the heavy snowfall on Monday evening.

They also reported how numerous other cars began skidding as they struggled to drive over the bridge on Broadwater Road.

The band of helpers spent several hours pushing cars up the hill, before police arrived on the scene to direct traffic and help the stricken lorry.

Samantha Harris, 28, of Chapel Road, who was one of the residents who lent a hand, said: “I live in the flats across the road and was watching out of the window.

“The driver seemed to be the only one helping, so me and my neighbours made him some tea and then helped him and the other cars.

“We are happy to help, but the council should have been out gritting the roads. We shouldn’t have to be doing this.”

Allan Arnold, 36, of Gratwicke Road, Worthing, was driving over Broadwater Bridge on his way to clear snow at Gatwick Airport, but decided to stop and help out.

He said: “I was on my way to work and realised it wasn’t going to happen so got some hi-visibility jackets out of my boot for the others and helped direct traffic.

“I’ve never seen anything like this.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said roads were gritted continuously throughout the day, but in some areas heavy wind caused problems.

For the full story, and more snow-related stories, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, March 14.