Salon helps fund new tree in park

The planting ceremony in Horsham Park
The planting ceremony in Horsham Park

Some time ago, hair salon T Cuts, situated at the top of Swindon Road near the junction of Trafalgar Road, decided to give its takings on the first Monday in each month to a deserving charity.

This ran over a twelve- month period and the Horsham Society was fortunate enough to be one of the beneficiaries. It was decided that the money raised should be used in some way to benefit the town.

Planting a new tree seemed to be a good idea and it was a matter of deciding what type of tree to select and where best it should be planted.

A few ideas were considered and in the end it was agreed in conjunction with Horsham District Council that the best place was Horsham Park.

The tree selected was a pin oak, which is fast growing and usually reaches a height of about eight metre within ten years.

The simple planting ceremony was undertaken just over a week ago by Tracy Bassett, the owner of T Cuts, who was accompanied by her parents, Mick and Les, and her great nephew, Dylan.

Tracy says that she intends to visit the tree on a regular basis with Dylan and find out which is growing the fastest.

It should be an interesting competition.