Safety fears lead to call for 20mph zone

S45812H13 Launch of the 20mph school zone petition in Steyning
S45812H13 Launch of the 20mph school zone petition in Steyning

PARENTS and governors are calling for a 20mph zone in Steyning to make it safer for children to get to school.

A petition was launched at Steyning Primary School on Tuesday, calling for a a 20mph school zone area around the Shooting Field site.

Benita Hibbert, clerk to the governors, explained the petition was as a result of a travel survey carried out at the school in June.

The survey revealed parents’ greatest concerns were cars going too fast and the lack of crossings in Shooting Field, Tanyard Lane and Church Street.

Mrs Hibbert said: “It is almost an island really, you have to get to it by crossing one of the main roads, so that is the tricky bit.

“The paths are quite bumpy, too, so it is not great for getting to school.”

She has two children at the school, Sophie, six, and Sam, four, and has to walk to school from Kings Barn Lane.

She said the road leading up to the school entrance was particularly difficult, because the access was shared with Steyning Grammar Schools and used by a lot of vehicles.

The petition, which will be handed to West Sussex County Council, states: “The approach roads to Steyning Primary and Grammar School have fast moving traffic with no designated crossings or traffic calming measures.

“We therefore request that these roads be designated as a 20mph School Zone area to promote safe pedestrian travel for the pupils and students attending Steyning Primary and Steyning Grammar School.”

Mum Sarah Robertson said she has to walk from Newham Lane with her children. Isobel, six, and Thomas, five, scoot to school, and she has Martha, two, in a pram.

“With three children, it is a bit of a worry, so making the traffic a bit slower would help,” she added.

“Most of it is all right, but there are a few places where you have to watch three ways at once.”

David Barling, West Sussex county councillor for Bramber Castle, is supporting the petition.

He said anything that made routes to school safer was a good thing.

Junior wardens at the school have previously highlighted the speed of traffic around the school, including a road safety campaign in 2009 when they did a speed check.