Roffey school pupils take on eco pledges

Roffey pupils take up eco pledge SUS-141216-115017001
Roffey pupils take up eco pledge SUS-141216-115017001

Pupils at Littlehaven Infant School and Northolmes Junior School are already getting ready for 2015 by agreeing their ‘Eco New Year Resolutions’.

Pupils at both schools are pledging to:

l Turn off the tap while they brush their teeth,

l Save trees by recycling their Christmas trees and using paper wisely and

l Save electricity by switching electrical items off and not using the standby mode.

The pledges were agreed by the schools’ eco councillors. Working across the two schools (whose governing body federated in September), deputy head teacher, Marie Smailes said: “Our Eco-Council is always looking for ways to make the schools greener and share environmental messages with all pupils. The work is led by the children, who came up with the pledges themselves. We hope parents will adopt the pledges too, making 2015 a happy, healthy and environmentally friendly year.”

Report and picture contributed by Catherine Ross.